Job title: Foreign Trade Logistics Specialist
Position type: full time
Work experience: not required
Education requirements: Junior College
Recruitment: 1
Release time: August 14, 2015
Job description
1. Responsible for import and export logistics related work, do a good job in booking, documents, customs declaration, inspection, certificate of origin, etc.
2. Responsible for the communication with customers on logistics, shipment and other aspects, do a good job in relevant services, feedback customer requirements.
3. Do a good job of communication with the production department for shipping arrangement, correctly calculate the logistics cost, and reasonably arrange the booking.
4. Be responsible for processing manual, change, verification and other related procedures as required.
5. Responsible for communication with logistics and freight forwarding companies, timely request to provide various documents, documents, bills, information, etc., and cooperate with the financial department to do a good job of verification.
6. Do a good job in the preservation of logistics documents and customs declaration related files.
7. Other work tasks assigned by leaders.
Recruitment requirements
1. College degree or above, major in international trade and business English is preferred; 2. More than 1 year working experience in trade documents related fields; 3. Familiar with foreign trade documents operation process, familiar with letter of credit and related knowledge, with a certain financial basic knowledge is preferred; 4. Familiar with common office software, good written skills are preferred; 5. Work style meticulous, rigorous, careful thinking, have a strong work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, can withstand strong work pressure!
Contact person: Ms Tang
Tel: 0510-83110318