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High blood sugar diet | high blood sugar should eat what is

In the case of hyperglycemia, the patient's diet should be kept light. Drink more soup and water to regulate the body. With the blood glucose and blood pressure machine detection results, whether high or low can drink some light onion ginger tofu soup or bean carp soup. You can also mix some vegetables. It's best to eat some seafood or vegetarian dishes, especially those rich in dietary fiber.



1. Bean curd soup with scallion and ginger
Ingredients: tender tofu, onion, ginger, vegetable oil, a little salt and monosodium glutamate
Methods: cut the bean curd into thin slices, fry it in the oil pan until it is slightly yellow, heat the salt in the oil pan, fry the ginger slices, add water, boil the tofu slices for one minute, then add onion and monosodium glutamate, and then boil.
Usage: eat with food. 1 small bowl twice a day.
Efficacy: Yiqi Yangxue is suitable for diabetic patients with deficiency of both qi and blood. Symptoms include fatigue, dry mouth, insomnia, weight loss and sweating.
2. Bean carp soup
Materials: big carp, adzuki bean, tangerine peel, Tsaoko, small pepper, ginger, a little salt.
Methods: fish scales, phlegm and viscera were washed and boiled with water. After boiling, add medicine and seasoning, and cook.
Usage: food. Eating meat and soup on an empty stomach as an adjuvant diet therapy.
Effect: quench thirst with water. It suggested that diabetes, edema, jaundice, beriberi and other diseases.
3. Jellyfish and water chestnut soup
Ingredients: snapper, fresh clam, onion, ginger, garlic.
Methods: wash and chop jellyfish with warm water, put jellyfish, peeled chestnut and proper amount of water into the pot, boil at high heat, add seasoning, and boil at low heat for about 1 hour.
Usage: eat with a meal. Donation or partial drinking can be done.
Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and nourishing yin. It can treat diarrhea, diabetes, phlegm and dryness.
The above soup materials are conducive to hypoglycemic materials, soup can be better supplemented and absorbed, whether it is high blood sugar patients or healthy people are a good choice.